The Royal Canyon Property Owners Association is a neighborhood community organization formed by the residents of the Royal, Greenbriar, and Glen Knoll Canyon neighborhoods who come together to promote a friendly and welcoming environment. This association aims to foster social interaction, unity, and orderly development in the best interests of all the citizens in the community while preserving the integrity of our native resources and their natural beauty.


Our core value is to enhance the quality of life for all residents by encouraging positive relationships, supporting local initiatives, and addressing common concerns. The association serves as a platform for neighbors to connect, share resources, and collaborate with local businesses, and city government on various projects that benefit the community as a whole.


1.  Inclusivity and Engagement: The association strives to be inclusive, welcoming residents from diverse backgrounds and encouraging active participation from all members. Regular meetings, social events, and gatherings are organized to engage neighbors and facilitate interaction.

2.  Communication and Information Sharing: The association establishes effective communication channels to keep residents informed about community news, events, and relevant updates through its website, newsletters, email, social media, or even yard signs.

3.  Neighborhood Safety and Security Sharing: Every month, a committed group of neighbors within the association convenes to assess essential home and neighborhood security data gathered from Nextdoor,, and meetings with the Glendale Police Department (GPD). Strengthening our defenses against potential criminals relies on increased awareness of suspicious activities, fostering neighbor-to-neighbor interaction, and sharing proven strategies derived from previous incidents. Our primary objective is to maintain the highest level of safety in our neighborhood, surpassing all others in Glendale.

4.  Neighborhood Improvement Projects: The association identifies and addresses common issues or challenges faced by the community. This can involve organizing clean-up drives, beautification initiatives, or collaborating with local authorities to improve infrastructure and amenities.

5.  Social Activities and Events: The association organizes social activities and events to foster a sense of community and promote neighborly relationships. Examples include block parties, wine socials, national night out, members' summer social dinner party, special interest groups, and City Council Candidates' Election Forum.

6.  Community Services: The association may coordinate efforts to provide services or support to residents in need. This can include neighborhood watch, organizing food drives, clothing donations, volunteer programs, or assistance for the elderly or vulnerable members of the community.

7.  Collaborations with Local Businesses, Education, and City Government: The association works closely with local businesses, encouraging their involvement and partnership support in community activities such as National Night Out. The Glendale Community College plays a crucial role in providing its library, performing arts, and educational courses where residents may gain access to lifelong learning and personal development. Additionally, the association facilitates regular communication channels with our city government, allowing the neighborhood to stay informed about relevant updates, upcoming projects, or policy changes that may impact the community. It also provides a platform for the association to provide feedback and suggestions to city officials. These collaborations can lead to joint initiatives, sponsorships, and partnerships that benefit both the neighborhood and the local community.

8.  Advocacy and Representation: The association serves as a collective voice for the neighborhood, advocating for residents' interests and concerns with local authorities, policymakers, or other relevant organizations. It works to ensure that the neighborhood's needs are taken into account in decision-making processes.

Overall, RCPOA is a convivial social neighborhood association that plays a vital role in creating a vibrant and harmonious community. It fosters a sense of belonging, promotes social cohesion, and empowers our residents to actively contribute to the betterment of their neighborhood.

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